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    • JWZ-EBM Full Electric Blow Molding Machine

      Fully Electric Blow molding machine

      ●Suitable for food, medical treatment, medicine and sanitary packing

      ●Adopt fully servo driving motor, saving power about 30%

      ●No oil leakage pollution, low noise

      ●More stable, higher precision, more accurate positioning, faster running speed and higher efficiency

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    • JWZ-BM05D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine

      Performance and advantages

      ●Suitable for producing 1-5L different size of gear oil bottle, lubrication oil bottle, cooling water tank etc.

      ●Optional multi-layer co-extrusion.

      ●Optional view strip line system.

      ●According to the product size,select different cavity of die head.

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    • JWZ-02D/05D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine

      ●Optional pearly lustre layer co-extrusion system.

      ●According to the product size.select different cavity of die head.

      ●According to the different material,optional JW-DB single station hydraulic screen-exchanger system.

      ●According to customer's requirement.optional auto-deflashing on line,scrap conveying on line,finished product conveying on line and others.

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    • JWZ-BM30/50/100 Blow Molding Machine

      Performance and advantages

      ●Suitable for producing 15-100L different size jerrycan,open-top barrels and others chemical packaging products.

      ●Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.

      ●Optional view strip line system.

      ●Optional hydraulic servo control system.

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    • JWZ-BM160/230 Blow Molding Machine

      Performance and advantages

      ●Suitable for producing 100-220L open-top drums, dou ble"L"ring drums.

      ●Adopt high output extrusion system, accumulating die head.

      ●Optional hydraulic servo control system.

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    • JWZ-BM500/1000 Blow Molding Machine

      Performance and advantages

      ●Suitable for producing 500-1000L big size Chemical revolving barrel.

      ●Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating type die head,hydraulic servo control system.

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    • JWZ-BM500F/1000F Blow Molding Machine

      ●Suitable for producing different kinds of pallet.

      ●Optional bottom sealing,product eject,core-pulling movement elements.

      ●Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.

      ●Hydraulic Servo control system.

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    • PET/PLA/CPLA Environmental Sheet Extrusion Line

      develops the parallel twin screw extrusion line for PET/PLA sheet, this line equipped with degassing system, and no need drying and crystallizing unit.

      The extrusion line has the properties of low energy comsuption, simple production process and easy maintenance.

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    • PP/PS Sheet Extrusion Line

      Developed by Jwell company, this line is for producing multi-layer environmental-friendly sheet, which is widely used for vacuum forming, green food container and package, different kinds of food packaging container, such as: salver,bowl, canteen, fruit dish, etc. Adopting maxim talc percentage in the sheet production, either customer will be able to reduce the cost of the sheet or increase the sheet degration character as well as gaining good physical properties and further processing abilities.

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    • PP+Stone Powder Sheet Extrusion Line

      It developed by Jwell company uses the three extruders for 3 or 4 layers co-extrusion. This line adopts the Jwell latest designed PP+CaCo3 vented screw and the PLC computer controlling deviceand automatically thickness detection device so that the machine can maximize the percentage of the CaCo3 in the sheetproduction to reduce the cost of the sheet and the sheet produced can gain the good physical properties and further processing abilities. It is the most advanced sheet machine in China.

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    • PP, EVA, EVOH, PS and PE Multi-Layer Sheet Co-Extrusion Line

      PP, EVA, EVOH, PS and PE multi-layer sheet co-extrusion line

      To meet market's high request on products, Shanghai JWELL develops advanced technology of five layer symmetrical distribution and seven layer asymmetrical distribution, which makes the sheets having better barrier performance.

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    • PVC Transparent Rigid Sheet and PVC Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line

      PVC transparent rigid sheet extrusion line

      PVC transparent sheet have many advantages of fire-resistance, high quality, low cost, high transparent, good surface, no spot,less water wave, high strike resistance, easy to mould and etc. It is applied to different kinds of packing ,vacuuming and case, such as tools, toys, electics, food, medicine and clothes.

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    • PP Honeycomb Board Extrusion Line

       Main application

      Used for car trunk cover board, trunk clapboard, trunk carpet substrate, side wall decortation board,ceiling etc. interior place.

      Used for manufacturing different kinds of high strength packing box.

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    • PP/PE Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line

      PP Hollow Plate Application

      ●The PP hollow cross section plate is light and high strength, moistureproof good environmental protection and refabrication perfor mance.

      ●Can be processed into the reusable container, packing case, clapboard, backing plate and culet.

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    • PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS Plastic Sheet & Plate Extrusion Line

      Applicable scope of PC endurance board, PC corrugated sheet Garden, recreation place, decoration and the corridor pavilion; Internal and external ornaments in the commercial building,curtain wall of the modern urban building; transparent container of aviation, the windscreen before the motorcycle, the plane, the train, the steamer, the submarine, army and police’s shield, the telephone booth,advertising signpost, the advertisement of the lamp houses, the expressway and overhead way of the city partition protective screen.

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    • TPU Transparent Film、Hot Melt Film Extrusion Line

      excellent feature of high tension, high tensile force, good toughness, ageing resistance, environmentally non-toxic, antimycotic & antibacteria wear and corrosion resistance, biological compatibility.

      It is used widely in the field of shoe, clothes, air-filled toy,

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    • TPU High-low Temperature、High-elastic Film Co-extrusion Line

      Features: TPU raw materials with different temperature and hardness ranges are extruded by two or three extruders at one time. Compared with the traditional composite process, it is more economical, more environmentally friendly and more efficient to recombine high-temperature and low-temperature thin films offline.

      Products are widely used in water-proof strips, shoes, clothing, bags, stationery, sports goods and so on.

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    • Stretch Film Extrusion Line

      The equipment is composed by extruder, die head, sheet cast, lognitudinal stretch, transverse stretching, automatic winder and controlling system. Relying on our advanced designing and processing ability, our equipment’s features are:

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    • EVA/POE/PVB/SGP Film Extrusion Line

      EVA/POE film is used in solar photovoltaic power station, building glass curtain wall, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive and other industries.

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    • LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT continuous fiber reinforced composite production line

      Continuous fiber reinforced composite material is made of reinforced fiber material: glass fiber(GF), carbon fiber(CF), aramid fiber(AF), ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber(UHMW-PE), basalt fiber(BF) by using special process technology to makes high strength continuous fiber and thermal plastic&thermosetting resin soak with each other. Then extrusion and drawing process are used to form the high strength, high toughness and recyclable thermalplastic resin composite material .commonly used plastic are PET, ABS, PP, PC, PA, PPS, POM and other environmentally friendly thermoplastic materials.

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    • PE Stone Paper Sheet Line

      Stone paper production equipments adopt casting&calendaring process

      compounding, mixing, extrusion to produce the special master batch, then through extruder, calendaring, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, cutting and winding to produce origin paper. Its features for high efficiency, good quality, low cost production, smooth surface paper, especially used to print high grade album and book cover etc.

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    • TPO+PP Foam Composite Sheet Production Line

      It is successfully developed by Jwell Machinery,adopts special structure of TPO screw,plasticizing evenly,unique composite processing method,composite products have high bonding strength, No tensile deformation ,formaldehyde-free, it is Jwell’s company according to car interior materials’s field recommends another domestic advanced composite sheet production line, this composite material has flexible operation,high efficiency of compositing, with the advantage to complete the treatment of the TPO surface layer’s lines once time, with the basic material to hot pressing and compositing together once time,it is total different from past composite method,this product is widely applied in high class inner decoration、ceiling 、pipe of the car , and so on

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    • ASA Film Extrusion Line

      The ASA film is made of PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins, used for packaging and for laminating. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products are becoming more and more popular in the market, especially the composite plastic soft packaging and surface coating of building materials.

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    • Slot Coating Dies

      Slot coating die can produce very thin and transparent optical coating layer. Meanwhile it can make the coating weight keep the very accurate tolerance range, it is different with the system which the coating fluid wiped on the base materials, our slot coating die is the die which die lip slot is relatively bigger( it can reach 0.0762mm). The coating fluid layer sucted from this die lip can be as thin as 1μm.

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    • Film Die Series

      he die head adopts an extension V shape water-drop type flow channel,with the shunt technology and special triangle stabilize structure. To composite layer and improve the precision of the extrusion process to eliminate 'M' shape and 'W' shape flow patterns effectively. The upper die lip using push-off type manual fine-tuning + automatic fine-tuning one-piece die lip, manual adjustment range is ±1mm, automatic adjustment range ±300um; About the automatic die lip adjustment control parts ,we use currently very advanced fully closed loop control system and the automatic gauging system makes the product thickness in±2% precisely,

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    • Sheet Die Series

      Fast opening die series, the upper die lip with fine-tuning push-pull type, the flexible lower die lip can adjusting product thickness on-line without stop, the Max adjusting range up to 5 mm, Equip with 45 °blocking bar, it is suitable for produce  PC,  PS,  PP,  PE,  PLA, single-layer or multi-layer plate .

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    • PVC Coating Die Series

      PVC coating die adopts special channel of coat-hanger structure, adjustable upper die lip,

      perpendicular blocking bar, the thickness of production can be adjusted. In pairs, special-purpose conveyer belt with different thickness and size can be produced.This kind of products are widely used in mining, storage, transportation and so on; Specification(mm):650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000.

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    • Plate Die Series

      With  special  coat-hanger  channel design, the die minimizes ablation of heatsensitive material. With the adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and perpendicular blocking bar, the die meets the thickness requirements of various products. The die is fit for PVC foaming  board  with  the  thickness between 2-20mm.

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    • Multi-layer Co-extrusion Distributor

      Multi-layer co-extrusion feedblocks are suitable for various polymer plastic materials. Bases on the customs’different requirements, a combination of T-die and co-extrusion feedblock provides the most competitive edge for film and sheet production.There are differnt modles of configuration for different features of plastic materials, layers which the feedblock can manage can reach 2 to 60 or even more.

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    • Screen Changer System

      Manual screen changer series:

      ●Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly, it is convenient to remove and clean

      ●Adopts advanced pressure seal technology, through the pressure of polymers to drive seal components, to achieve the best sealing effect and change screen more quickly

      ●modular combinations, suitable for different standard extrusion machine,and convenient to clean

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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Single column hydraulic screen changer series:

      ● No mechanical seal structure, which can guarantee the high pressure and high temperature condition not seep materials. Effectively reduce the change screen resistance, reduce hydraulic system pressure of work.

      ● One-piece structure, without carrying aperture, strengthen bearing pressure, make the system load pressure is higher.

      ● Using High quality alloy steel,after nitriding process to extended product life span greatly.

      ● Integral engineering oil cylinder, a long use life.

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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Single-panel with double working position screen changer

      ●Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly, it is convenient to remove and clean,

      ●Adopts advanced pressure adaptive sealing technology, through the pressure of polymers to drive seal components, to achieve the best sealing effect and change screen more quickly.

      ●Penetrating type bolts connect the extruder.

      ●Modular combinations, suitable for different standard extrusion machine, and convenient to clean.

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    • Plastic Melt Measuring Gear Pump

      Equipping a gear pump in front of the extruder, checking pressure before the pump and controlling the speed of extrusion, which can minimizing pulsation and irregular material feeding and ensures the polymer is smoothly extruded and continuously delivered to the die head. The system can be widely used to measuring and adding pressure for PC, PMMA, ABS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PE. The shell of the pump adopts high-quality alloy-steel and the gear uses quenched chrome steel or other high-grade metallic materials which ensures high efficiency

      and leakage-proof.

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    • Super Mirror Roller

      Super mirror surface roller is a key part of sheet and plate equipments. The rule is that the more smooth and precise the roller surface, the better the product quality. And, we always strike for the smallest possible surface roughness tolerance to the level of Ra0.005um.

      The optics grade product is applied for producing LED panels, electronics, thin-film switch of electric appliances, and high end consumer products section like PC monitor, mobile phone screen and etc.

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    • Embossing Roller

      Embossing roller is used for surface treatment of plastic sheets and boards like PMMA, PC, PP and etc. Roller surface can be processed into a variety of decorative patterns. The sample image will be converted into high resolution digital image information with laser scanning electron and color separation technology and then loaded directly into the carving machine, and high quality roller surface pattern will be carved out by the carving machine. The roller surface pattern simulation rate is above 98%.

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    • Electromagnetic Heating Roller

      With the wide application of heating roller in various industries, electromagnetic heating roller is replacing heat conduction oil heating roller, so far electromagnetic heating roller is successfully used in laser anti-counterfeiting printing, die stamping, automotive laminated glass composite, composite film production, medical tape,pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabric production, aluminum-plastic panel agglutination, synthetic fiber, rubber and plastic calendaring and other industries.

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    • Micro-Structure Roller for Optical Film & Sheet

      Microstructure roller make the micro structure treat for the roller surface after the copperize,nickelage, to be the height class optics sheet or film which will be the key module parts of the LCD panel. The final product used in the LCD/LED display, mobile phone, 3D raster, prismatic lens and micro lens.

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    • Casting Film Roller

      JWELL manufactured casting film roller strictly according to European professional manufacturing standards.Several steps of welding and heat treatment process are applied to give ensurance to the overall rigidity and reliability of roller structure.

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