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    • TPU Film Production Line

      TPU material is thermoplastic polyurethane, which can be divided into polyester and polyether. TPU film has excellent characteristics of high tension, high elasticity, high wear resistance and aging resistance, and has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, mildew proof and antibacterial, biocompatibility, etc.

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    • TPU Invisible Car Clothing Production Line

      TPU invisible film is a new type of high-performance environmental protection film, which is widely used in automobile decoration maintenance industry. It is a common name of transparent paint protection film. It has strong toughness. 

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    • TPU Casting Composite Film Production Line

      TPU composite fabric is a kind of composite material formed by TPU film composite on various fabrics. Combined with the characteristics of the two different materials, a new fabric is obtained, which can be used in various online composite materials such as clothing and footwear materials, sports fitness equipment, inflatable toys, etc.

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    • TPU High and Low Temperature Film / High Elastic Film Production Line

      TPU high and low temperature film, due to its soft, skin-friendly, high elasticity, three-dimensional sense, easy to use and other characteristics, is widely used in footwear, clothing, luggage, waterproof zipper and other textile fabrics, such as: sports footwear industry vamp, shoe tongue label, trademark and decorative accessories, luggage strap, reflective safety label, LOGO and so on.

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    • TPU Multi-group Casting Composite Film Production Line

      TPU multi-group casting composite material is a kind of material which can realize 3-5 layers of different materials by multi-step casting and online combination. It has beautiful surface and can make different patterns. It has superior strength, wear resistance, safety and environmental protection performance. It is used in inflatable life jacket, diving BC jacket, life raft, hovercraft, inflatable tent, inflatable water bag, military inflatable self expansion mattress, massage air bag, medical protection, industrial conveyor belt and professional waterproof backpack.

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    • Stretch Film Extrusion Line

      Stretch film production line is mainly used for PE lithium electric film; PP,PE breathable film; PP, PE, PET, PS thermo-shrinkage packing industrial.

      The equipment is composed by extruder, die head, sheet cast, lognitudinal stretch, transverse stretching, automatic winder and controlling system. 

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    • EVA/POE/PVB/SGP Film Extrusion Line

      EVA/POE film is used in solar photovoltaic power station, building glass curtain wall, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive and other industries.

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