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    • Car Sound Insultation Pad(Vibration Damping Pad) Extrusion line

      Car Sound Insultation Pad(Vibration Damping Pad) is made of EVA, TPO, PVC and high filling inorganic. It is placed directly on the metal part, which eliminates the noise from the source and avoid the noise transmission in the metal. It is mainly used in car cover, door, luggage room, top part, fender part, which also help to improve the strength and heat insultation. Regular thickness is from 0.6 to 8mm and width from 1000 to 3000mm.

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    • HDPE Plate Extrusion line

      Shanghai Jwell supply advanced extrusion system, it is suitable to produce HMW-HDPE material which have low MFI and high-strength into plate, the plates are mainly used to produce auto carriage board, pick-up's box liner, cover of truck,  anti-rain cover etc. The plate thickness can reduce more than 30% when it has same impact strength, it reduce the production cost for manufacturers. Plate thickness 2-12mm, width 2000-3000mm.
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    • TPU、ABS Composit Plate Extrusion line

      TPU/ABS composit plate is one new kind of enviroment friendly material used for car gauge panel and inner decoration. It adopts multi manifold procee to make TPU coat on ABS instead of glue coating so that the finished product does not release formaldehyde or create inner air pollution. Plate thickness from 1mm to 8mm, width from 1200mm to 2000mm.
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    • TPO、TPU sheet Extrusion line

      Using TPO as material to produce the surface leather of automible dashboard by extrusion line, the leather has good charateristics of anti-aging and dimentional stability, anti-corrosion, ozone resistance, heatproof, cold resistance, grease resistance and no VOC discharge, it has been widely used as the excellent environmental prection automible internal decorative material. TPO sheet thickness 0.5-3mm, width 1000-2000mm. Another  thermoplastic elastomer TPU leather can be also used as the surface of autombile dashboard.
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    • PVC、TPO、POE Floor Leather Extrusion Line

      Shanghai Jwell supply different types plastic floor extrusion lines for producing PVC floor, TPO floor, POE floor,etc. The product thickness is 1-3mm, width is 2000-3000mm. It has the performance of anti-friction,corrosion resistence, skid resistence, impermeable and inflaming retarding, It is widely used on auto ( automobile and high speed train ), hotel, amusement place, exhibition hall, house, etc. 
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    • PP & Wood Powder、Bamboo Powder And Fiber Composite Sheet Extrusion Line

      This production line adopts conical twin-screw extruder, with specially processing method, which is another most advanced technology in China. This product features of well-shaped, easily processed, recycling and reuse of the off cutting once-complexion with other material of sheet by hot pressing. It can be widely applied in the decoration of automobile ornaments, ceiling, booth, suitcase, hotel, restaurant, entertainment area and etc.
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