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    • High-speed Energy-saving HDPE Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

      Performance & Advantages: Our company's latest research and development of energy-saving high-speed production line, suitable for high-speed polyolefin pipe extrusion. 35% energy saving and 1x increase in production efficiency. Specifically designed 38-40 L/D screw structure and the feeding slot barrel make the melt extrusion and plasticizing effects greatly improved. High-torque, high-strength gearboxes ensure stable operation of the equipment. Extrusion molds and sizing sleeves adopt the most advanced design structure. The PLC variable frequency control vacuum tank, servo-driven multi-track tractor, and high-speed chipless cutter are equipped with a meter weight control system. The pipe extrusion weight is more accurate.

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    • Multi-layer HDPE Solid Wall Pipe Co-extrusion Line

      Performance & Advantages: According to the special needs of users, we can provide 2-layer / 3-layer / 5-layer and multilayer solid wall pipe line. Multiple extruders can be synchronized, and multiple meter weight control system can be selected. can be centralize controlled in a main PLC to achieve precise and quantitative extrusion of each extruder. According to the multi-layer spiral mold designed with different layers and thickness ratios, the distribution of mold cavity flow channels is reasonable to ensure that the tube layer thickness is uniform and the plasticization effect of each layer is better.

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    • Small-caliber PE/PPR/PE-RT/PA Single-pipe, Dual-pipe High-speed Extrusion Production Line

      Performance & Advantages: The main screw adopts BM high-efficiency type, and the output is fast and plasticized well. The wall thickness of pipe products is precisely controlled and very less waste of raw materials. Tubular extrusion special mold, water film high-speed sizing sleeve, equipped with integrated flow control valve with scale. Servo-controlled high-speed double-belt haul off unit, supporting high-speed chipless cutter and winder, adapt to high-speed production operation. Dual pipe extrusion line can double the output and occupy less factory space.

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    • PE Insulation Pipe Extrusion Line

      Performance and features: PE insulation pipe is also called PE outer protection pipe, jacket pipe, sleeve pipe. The direct buried polyurethane insulation pipe is made of HDPE insulation pipe as the outer protective layer, the middle filled polyurethane rigid foam is used as the insulation material layer, and the inner layer is steel pipe. Polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe has good mechanical properties and thermal insulation performance. Under normal circumstances, it can withstand high temperature of 120-180 °C, and is suitable for various cold and hot water high and low temperature pipeline insulation projects. 

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    • Silicon Core Pipe Extrusion Line

      Performance & Advantages: The raw material of the silicon core tube substrate is high-density polyethylene, the inner layer used a lowest friction coefficient silica gel solid lubricant. It is corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, convenient gas blowing cable transmission, and low construction cost. According to the needs, different sizes and colors of small tubes are concentrated by external casing. The products are applied to optical cable communication network system for freeway, railway and so on. The production line can realize multiple base pipes at the same time, high speed unwinding, and quickly and evenly cover the outer casing. Synchronous traction, cut-off and finished product coiling are controlled by computer, with high production speed and efficiency

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    • UPVC/CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

      Performance & Advantages: A variety of specifications and models of PVC twin-screw extruder can produce pipes of different diameters and different wall thicknesses. Specially designed screw structure with uniform plasticization and high output. Extrusion molds made of high quality alloy steel, internal flow channel chrome plating, polishing treatment, wear and corrosion resistance; with a dedicated high-speed sizing sleeve, pipe surface quality is good; The special cutter for PVC pipe adopts a rotating clamping device, which does not require replacing the fixture with different pipe diameters. With chamfering device, cutting, chamfering, one-step molding. Support optional online belling machine.

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    • Three-layer PVC Solid Wall Pipe Co-extrusion Production line

      Performance & Advantages: Use two or more SJZ series conical twin screw extruder to implement co-extruded three-layer PVC pipe. The sandwich layer of the pipe is high-calcium PVC or PVC foam raw material. 

      1. The extruder uses super wear-resistant alloy screw barrel; the twin-screw feeds evenly and the powder doesn’t bridge;

      2. Optimized design of PVC three-layer mold, the internal flow channel is chrome-plated and highly polished, wear and corrosion resistant; with special sizing sleeve, the pipe product has high speed and good surface;

      3. Cutting machine adopts rotating clamping device to adapt to different pipe diameters, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of fixtures. Equipped with a new type of adjustable floating chamfering mechanism, the size of chamfer can be adjusted according to the pipe diameter and wall thickness, cutting and chamfering can be performed in one step. Closed suction device, better chip suction effect.

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    • PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line

      Performance & Advantages: Corresponding to the different requirements of pipe diameter and output, there are two types of SJZ80 and SJZ65 special twin-screw extruders optional; the dual pipe die evenly distributes the material output, and the pipe extrusion speed is quickly plasticized; 

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    • PVC Four-pipe Extrusion Production Line

      Performance & Advantages: Performance characteristics: The latest type of four PVC electrical bushing production line adopts a twin-screw extruder with high output and good plasticization performance, and is equipped with a mold optimized for flow path design. Four pipes discharge evenly and the extrusion speed is fast; 

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    • High-speed Single Screw Extruder PE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

      Performance & Advantages: The corrugated pipe line is the 3rd generation of improved product of Suzhou Jwell. The output of the  extruder and the production speed of the pipe are greatly increased by 20-40% compared with the previous product. Online belling can be achieved to ensure the performance of the formed corrugated pipe products. Adopts Siemens HMI system.

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    • Conical Twin-screw Extruder FRPP/PVC Double-wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

      Performance & Advantages: In order to meet market, Suzhou Jwell based on years of experience, independent research and develop of conical twin-screw extruder series FRPP / PVC DWC pipe line, has the following characteristics: 

      1. The overall energy consumption of the production line is low, the conveyor efficiency of the conical twin screw extruder is higher than that of the single screw extruder, and the installed power is less than the single screw extruder;

      2. The powder material can be extrusion directly, use raw material + calcium powder formula, reduce the cost and improve the pipe ring stiffness;

      3. The extruder has a vacuum device to overcome the problem of air bubbles inside and outside the pipe due to the moisture content in the raw material.

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    • Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

      Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

      Properties:The Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Pipe Extrusion Line research & developed by Jwell Machinery Co., features of unique structure, easily control, highly automation and stable performance. Pipes produced by this machine has the moderate rigidity, strength, as well as good flexibility, anti-rot, anti-stress split, and favorable hot melting, make this large diameter pipe considered as the prefer product for water and gas transportation system in cities.

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    • High Quality Multi-layer PPR/PE Composite Pipe Extrusion line

      PPR/FR-PP pipe is widely used in solar energy, thermal energy circulation system, heating system and water supply because of its higher pressure and temperature resistance, long operational life span, high strength and impact resistance, and the prevention of pipe line sagging.

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    • New Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line for Ventilation System

      Application: corrugated pipe for air ventilation system is produced by two different PE material. Double wall corrugated pipe, and designed by hollow structure. It is easy to install in the ceiling and roofing. Also, this corrugated pipe has good performance to bear the cement. The pipe adopt special inner layer, smoothly, easy to clear, less resistance, sound-proof, insulation. 

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    • PP-RCT\PPR\PE-RT\PEX\PA Single Or Muti-layer Small Diameter Pipe Production Line

      This production line is Jwell self-manufactured,which adopt Europe advanced technology with the feature of unique structure,high configuration,highly automation,easy operation. extruder adopt BM high efficiency,well plastify,stabilization and reliable.
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    • HDPE/PP/PVC Horizontal Type Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

      by Jwell has many patents. Full automatic control, running stable, high capacity. HDPE/PP material use high efficient single screw extruder, and PVC material use conical twin screw extruder or parrallel twin screw extruder.
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    • HDPE/PP/PVC Vertical Type Double Wall Corrugated Pipe and PVC Ribbed Pipe Extrusion Line

      DWC pipe is mainly used for water drainage system. It is a fully computer controlled line. It features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic operation. For HDPE, you can choose high efficient single screw extruder. For PVC, you can choose conical twin-screw extruder or parallel twin- screw extruder
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    • Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line

      Steed reinforced pipe has the features of not easy in corrosion of the steel band, the top of the steel band has the thicker protection layer, reinforced rib is not easy in collapse
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    • Common Diameter HDPE Pipe , PP Chemical Usage Pipe and MPP Electrical Wire Protection Pipe Extrusion Line

      Our company using the development HDPE,PP pipes extrusion technology develops this kind of extrusion line. This line features compact structure, highly automation and stable performance. This line is widely used in producing HDPE water, gas supply pipe, double-anti pipe for mine industries.
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    • HDPE Water Suppply Pipe, Gas Pipe Energy-saving and High Speed Extrusion Line

      This production line adopts advanced technology of Europe,it is a new research achievement of energy-saving production line,which is suitable for high speed extrusion
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    • Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

      The Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Pipe Extrusion Line research & developed by Jwell Machinery Co., features of unique structure, easily control, highly automation and stable performance
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    • RTP Composite Pipe Extrusion Line

      The thermoplastic reinforced pipe RTP has three layers: the inner layer is anti- erosion and wearing-resistant PE pipe; the middle layer is reinforced twisting layer (the material is high-intension synthesized fiber
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    • UPVC Pipe And CPVC Solid Pipe Extrusion Line

      This line can solve the problems of high temperature melting, high viscosity, easy-decomposition. The special designed screw, gearbox, tooling, and HMI system make the line reliable and easy operation.
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    • PE160 Small high-speed corrugated pipe production line

      The product is mainly applied in the production of small diameter abnormity corrugated pipe at a high speed. Its production of pipe can be used as a ventilating duct connected to each outlet.Now widely used in high-end residential、 villas、commercial office buildings etc. Provide high quality indoor air.
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    • GFQ Series Automatic Pipe No-dust Cutter

      Mainly used for cutting the HDPE, PP, PPR, PE-RT pipe . No-dust cutter can protect the environment because there is no dust during the cutting and there is no noise. The cutting surface of the pipe is smooth and elegance. It is suitable for cutting the pipes made by different materials and in different diameters.
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    • JWGK Series Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine

      The machine can be used for the belling of PVC solid wall pipe, PVC double-wall corrugated pipe. The belling type is U type and R type. The control system is from Mitsubishi PLC, stable function. The belling mould is hydraulic driven. The range is Φ32-Φ800.
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    • PP Super Silent Water Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

      PP super silent water drainage pipe extrusion line is using the 3-layer co-extrusion technology, this line has two or three extruders. The inner and outer layers of the pipe are extruded by one or two extruders
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    • Special Use Single Wall and Double-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

      Mini single wall high speed corrugated pipe forming machine: Can produce two diameters or three diameters single wall corrugated pipe in the same mould blocks, which reduce the cost of the mould blocks and reduce the time for changing the mould blocks, increase the efficiency.
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