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    Decorative Materials and Floor Extrusion Line | PP building template board production line

    PP building template board production line

    PP hollow plastic building formwork has high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long service life, turnover times can reach more than 100 times, good machinability, and can be used with wood formwork at the same time, the formwork light weight, easy to disassemble, safe and reliable. The waste boards and leftover materials can be recycled after building formwork, that is to save cost and reduce pollution. The comprehensive use cost can save more than 30% than that of traditional wood formwork.

     The characteristics of the building plate production line

    ● The whole line adopts advanced technology , with fast line speed ,and using high rotation speed screw,high capacity;
    Special and unique design of die、calibration unit 、cooling unit system and vacuum exhausting system guarantee high speed of the extruding and calibrating ; more anti-wear 、better dust removal、good calibrating and more easily to operate;
    Special design of the anneal oven , more easily to adjust the flatness of sheet;
    The softness of tractor roller can be designed according to customer’s  requirement;
    The anti UV layer can be designed to either one side or double sides, surface layer can be also designed by sand blasting treatment or smooth treatment.

    Main technical specification

    Note:The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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