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    Auxiliary Machines Series

    • JWP Series Three Machine Integrated Pelletizing Machine

      This pelletizing extruder has special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for the recycling of PP, PE, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, PA66, etc. Dry film.  The gearbox is high torque designed which attains the functions of low noise and stable operation. The surface of the screw and barrel have been special treated so that the screw and barrel are wearable, they have very good plasticization and mixing effect and the production capacity is high. The extruder has the vacuum vented design which can exhaust the vapor or gas during the production, so that the output are more stable and the pellets are more uniform.

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    • SJZ Series Counter Rotation Conical Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine

      The unit is a complete set of equipment consisting of a series of conical twin-screw extruders and corresponding pelletizing auxiliary machines. It is mainly used for pelletizing of PVC fillers. The produced plastic pellets are uniform, compact and beautiful. The auxiliary machine adopts die face dicing, wind feeding aggregate, vibration separation and cooling, and has the characteristics of high automation and high production efficiency.

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    • JWM Series WPC Pelletizing Machine

      The unit is a complete set of parallel twin-screw extruder and corresponding pelletizing auxiliary machine are mainly used for granulation of wood powder or filler with raw materials like PVC, PP and PE . The auxiliary machine adopts wind-blowing collecting and cooling system, and has the characteristics of high automation and great production efficiency.

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    • DYSSQ Series Light Single-shaft Shredder

      In order to be environmentally friendly and suitable for different production requirements and crushing objects, DYUN launched the DYSSQ light shredder. It is suitable for shredding and recycling of gates, plastic thick board, building template, plastic films and various blow-molding containers produced during injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. According to the different feeding methods and recycling of the site, conveyors and crushers can be equipped. This shredder has low-speed rotary cutter, and is of low noise, high output and more energy saving.

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    • DYSSZ Series Heavy Single-shaft Shredder

      DYSSZ series shredders are designed to meet the difficult recycling requirements and high capacity requirements of various industries. They can be used to shred all kinds of plastic bulk solid wood, waste wood, waste paper and thick cardboard, electronic products and rubber products, etc. Representative products such as refrigerator casings, plastic leftover material, pallets, waste packing products, blow molding barrels, petrol barrels, plastic pipes and membranes, etc.

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    • DYSSG Series Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit

      DYSSG series shredders can be used for shredding PE, PP and PVC pipes with a diameter of 1600MM. Pipes with a length of 3-6M can be directly crushed without splitting. The rotation speed is stable. After being placed into the horizontal feeding trough, pipe can be pushed into the center of the  by hydraulic propulsion as the feeding trough closed automatically. The shredded material is brought into the crusher by a conveyor for secondary crushing for the required broken granule size. The main advantage of the DYSSG series shredder system is that it saves a lot of segmentation labor and sawing waste, saves energy and reduces consumption. It is safe and efficient. The whole system is controlled by the PLC central control system.

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    • DYSS Series Small Single-shaft Shredder

      DYSS single-shaft shredder is a shredding equipment with a wide range of applications. It is designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. It can be used in a wide variety of materials, including various plastic products such as blocks, pipes and woven bags, various used cables, wood, waste paper and electronic waste etc. The size of the shredded material is depend on the features of material and the next step, and the shredded material can be directly recycled or for further crushed.

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    • DYFSS Series Four-shaft Shredder

      Four-shaft series shredders are of multifunction and versatility. With standardized and modular design, shredder of this series has an advantage of good interchangeability between spare parts. The auxiliary knife is refined by die forging, while the main knife, made of special alloy steel by a special process, is of good wearability and high intensity. The shredder is driven by intermediate gear transmission, forming differential relationship. Shredders of this series are applicable to shred plastic barrels, plastic frames, woven bags, circuit board and paper box etc., and have advantages of controllable discharging size, high-efficiency, low rotate speed and low noise.

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    • DYPS-T Series Tray/Plate Special Crusher

      Tray and plate special crusher, is mainly for crushing wide but thin plastic products. It has a dedicated main shaft and unique feeding hopper, which is easy to feed trays and wide plate products in. Wide products do not need to be cut, which spares the recycling process, saves energy, reduces labor intensity and costs and m improve the efficiency of pulverization and recycling.

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    • DYPS-H Dedicated High Output Thin-film Crusher

      DYPS-H Dedicated high output thin-film crusher is designed for crushing hard cracked material, specially high tenacity material or mixed material. And the capacity is high
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    • DYPS-X Profile,Pipe,WPC Series Special Use Strong Crusher

      Conventional crusher have substantial problems handling long pipes and profiles. To feed large and bulky materials in most cases cavities or platforms are needed
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    • VDYPS-PB&DYPS-FP Sheet, Plates, Foam Coil Material Crusher

      It is difficult to crush the quite width of sheet、plates and foam coil material. The DYPS-PB and DYPS-FP can solve the problem. Comparing with ordinary
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    • DYPS-J Series Low Noise Crusher

      Good design, elegant appearance.Enclosure sound-proof case,low noise.the low noise crusher is suitable for different kinds of plastic
      crushing,such as 
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    • DYPS-Z Series Heavy Crusher

      DYPS-Z series heavy crushers are designed specially for the recycling material which is not easy to be crushed. Cabinet: The main box
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    • DYPS Series Strong Crusher

      DYPS series crusher with a beautiful exterior design , high-quality all-welded steel structure. The rotor with new V type cutting technology not only can ensure the material 
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    • DYTSS Series Double Axis Shredder

      DYTSS series double axis shredder uses microcomputer PLC automatic control. It has the function of start, stop, reversal rotating and automatic
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    • DYSSJ Universal Single Axle Shredderg

      DYSSJ shredder series from cooperation of sturdy pushing feeder and directional heavy bearing, which make the operation more safety..Standard
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    • DYSSZ Heavy Single Axle Shredder

      In order to meet requirement of waste material recycling and high capacity in different fields, DYSSZ shredder can be used to shred big plastic block, waste wood log
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    • DYSSQ Light Single Axle Shredder

      In order to be environmental and to meet different requirement of capacity and product, DYSSQ shredder is promoted and it can be used to shred injection product
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    • DYSSG Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit

      DYSSG shredder is able to shred the PE, PP, PVC pipe with dia.1200mm, the length of 3-6m pipe can be shredded directly without cutting, and the rotary
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    • SJZ Series Counter Rotation Conical Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine

      This pelletizing machine is composed by a conical twin-screw extruder and the correspondingly pelletizing downstream equipment, it is suitable for the pelletizing of PVC
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    • JWP Series Three Machine Integration Pelletizing Machine

      This pelletizing extruder has special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for the recycling and pelletizing of raw materials such 
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    • JWL Series Single Screw Pelletizing Machine

      This pelletizing machine has special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for the recycling and pelletizing of raw materials such as
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    • JWS Double Steps Type PP/PE Thin Film And PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Machine

      This film recycling and pelletizing machine composed by two extruders, is good for recycling the raw materials which have much moisture such as film, foamed materials.
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    • WPC pelletizing machine

      This pelletizing machine is composed by a parallel twin-screw extruder and the correspondingly pelletizing downstream equipment, it is suitable for the pelletizing of PVC
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    • JWE

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    • JWE Co-rotation Parallel Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine

      Building block type screw and barrel have the advantages of multi combination, wider applications. By changing the small quantity of barrel
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    • DYBL Series Vertical Stirrer

      This machine adds a hot air drying device on the DYBL-Ⅱtower type stirrer , which make the mixing and drying of the material achieved at the same time.
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    • DYHL Series Mixers

      Controlled by PLC microcomputer,DYHL series combined machine unitis mainly used batching.mixing.coloring and drying
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    • DYQX Series Lumpish Plastic, Film Crushing, Washing And Recycling Line

      The scrap film recycle is always a difficulty in plastic recycling field. The film is not easy in washing and nadapted de-watering, while through constant research and practice
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    • DYQT Series PET Bottle Crushing, Washing Machine

      PET bottle crushing,washing machine has considered the usage condition of our domestic and has combined the advanced technology of international recycling machines
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    19 February 2020

    Re: CHINAPLAS 2020 Rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 at NECC in Shanghai

    Dear Exhibitors and Visitors

    In an effort to strengthen the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic and to protect the health and safety of all show participants, CHINAPLAS 2020, the 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, originally scheduled from 21-24 April 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(NECC) in Shanghai has been postponed. Hereby, we would like to announce that the show will be rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 and the venue will remain unchanged at NECC.

    Holding for the 34th time this year, CHINAPLAS is well-recognized by the global plastics and rubber industries for its rich content and activities, worldwide attendance and significant market influence. The coming show held in August has already confirmed the participation of over 3,800 exhibitors from around the world to showcase their leading technologies and innovations. In the coming period before CHINAPLAS 2020 opens, Adsale will continue to closely monitor the epidemic development, to keep in close contact with the local government and authorities, and to do well the subsequent show preparation work. With our experience accumulated over the years, we are confident and are fully committed to present you another successful CHINAPLAS in coming August.

    Once again, please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused by the show postponement. For further updates of CHINAPLAS 2020, please visit www.ChinaplasOnline.com.

    Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to seeing you in CHINAPLAS 2020 in Shanghai.

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