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    Flat Moulds Series

    • Narrow Gap Coating Die Series

      Narrow gap coating die head can produce a very thin coating and transparent optical coatings, also can make the coating is kept in very exact tolerances range
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    • Hollow Cross Section Plate Die Series

      PC hollow plate used widely in constructions and decorations.The hollow grid plate die and feedblock can make UV protection on both sides.The final production
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    • Waterproof Sheet Coil Die Series

      PVC, EVA, PE new type of waterproof material have high performance of anti-permeability, water-proofness, thermo-stability and cryogenic
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-F-A1

      PVC coating die adopts special channel of coat-hanger structure, adjustable upper die lip, perpendicular blocking
      bar, the thickness of production can be adjusted. In pairs
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-B-B1

      The die adopts a typical coat-hanger channel, and adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower lip and perpendicular blocking bar. With ST-model width-control system
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-B-CF

      Double flow channels design,the upper and lower die lips are adjustable with the oil temp control,the skinning effection
      of the products surface is
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-B-A1

      With special coat-hanger channel design, the die minimizes ablation of heatsensitive material. With the adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and perpendicular blocking bar
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-A2

      With special coat-hanger channel design, adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and 45°blocking bar, the
      die adapt to ABS, PE, PP thick plate with the width below 2000mm and thickness between 3-30mm.
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-B-C1

      Standard coat-hanger design, the upper die lip adjusting adopts the push-pull type or push-out fine-tuning type;the lower die lip can exchange, the maximum adjusting range up to 5 mm, it is suitable for the production of PC, PMMA, GPPS, PET, single-layer or multi-layer high transparent sheet or plate
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-C2

      Adopting gradually water drop shape and flat shoulder type flow channel ,with triangle diversion technology, ladder style flow, effectively eliminate the extrusion process for high pressure lead to mould mouth deformation.The upper die lip is a manual push-off type fine-tuning
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-C1

      With coat-hanger channel design, adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and 45°blocking bar, the die is fit for PVC, PS, PP, PE, PC single or multi layer sheet with the thickness of 0.8-12mm.
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-D1

      With multi-manifold design, the die can combine the materials inside to ensure the accuracy of the film. The die adopts micro-adjustable upper die lip, fixed lower lip and 45° blocking bar, which is fit for PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA multi-layer co-extrusion sheet.
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-AT1

      Auto-adjusting die, the upper die lip is adjusted by the auto-control system which divided into manual-control unit and
      auto control unit; the first can control the accuracy in 1mm and the latter 300um. Fits for PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA single-layer
      or multi-layer sheet or film with different width.
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-A1

      With coat-hanger channel, micro-adjustable upper die lip, the die is perfect for single-layer or multi-layer PET(APET,
      PET)PC, PS, PP, PLA plate with the width ≤2100mm, and the thickness between 0.14-2mm.
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    • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-K1

      Fast opening die series, the upper die lip with fine-tuning push-pull type, the flexible lower die lip can adjusting product thickness on-line without stop, the Max adjusting range up to 5 mm, Equip with 45 °blocking bar, it is suitable for produce
      PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, single-layer or multi-layer plate .
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    • Film Die Series

      The die head adopts an extension V shape water-drop type flow channel,with the shunt technology and special triangle stabilize structure. To composite layer and improve the precision of the extrusion process to eliminate 'M' shape and 'W' shape flow patterns effectively. The upper die lip
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    • High-speed Film Coating Die Series

      Jwell Company’s high-speed film coating die adopt T-type thick edge with manual adjustment system to simplify the product width switching operation and online adjusting.
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    • Biaxially Oriented Die

      The die is crucial part of the biaxially oriented cast sheet, directly decided to cast sheet shape and thickness uniformity. This biaxially oriented casting sheet die adopt coat hanger flow channel design,
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    • Plastic Melt Measuring Gear Pump

      Equipping a gear pump in front of the extruder, checking pressure before the pump and controlling the speed of extrusion, which can minimizing pulsation and irregular
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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Double-panel hydraulic non-stop screen changer series:
      ●Adopts advanced pressure seal technology, through the pressure of polymers to drive seal components, to achieve the best sealing effect
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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Single column hydraulic screen changer series:
      ●No mechanical seal structure, which can guarantee the high pressure and
      high temperature condition not seep materials. Effectively reduce the change
      screen resistance, reduce hydraulic system pressure of work.
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    • Screen Changer System

      JWELL’s hydraulic screen changer system widespread use in all kinds of plastic products, plastic granulation etc, the perfect design and careful
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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Double column with double working position hydraulic screen changer series:
      ●No mechanical seal structure, which can guarantee the high pressure and high temperature condition not seep material. Effectively reduce the
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    • Hydraulic Screen Changer System

      Single-panel with double working position screen changer:
      ●Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly, it is convenient to remove and clean,
      ●Adopts advanced pressure adaptive sealing technology, through the pressure of polymers to drive seal components, to achieve the best
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    • Multi-layer Co-extrusion Distributor

      Multi-layer co-extrusion feedblocks are suitable for various polymer plastic materials. Bases on the customs’ different requirements, a combination of T-die and co-extrusion feedblock
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    19 February 2020

    Re: CHINAPLAS 2020 Rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 at NECC in Shanghai

    Dear Exhibitors and Visitors

    In an effort to strengthen the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic and to protect the health and safety of all show participants, CHINAPLAS 2020, the 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, originally scheduled from 21-24 April 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(NECC) in Shanghai has been postponed. Hereby, we would like to announce that the show will be rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 and the venue will remain unchanged at NECC.

    Holding for the 34th time this year, CHINAPLAS is well-recognized by the global plastics and rubber industries for its rich content and activities, worldwide attendance and significant market influence. The coming show held in August has already confirmed the participation of over 3,800 exhibitors from around the world to showcase their leading technologies and innovations. In the coming period before CHINAPLAS 2020 opens, Adsale will continue to closely monitor the epidemic development, to keep in close contact with the local government and authorities, and to do well the subsequent show preparation work. With our experience accumulated over the years, we are confident and are fully committed to present you another successful CHINAPLAS in coming August.

    Once again, please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused by the show postponement. For further updates of CHINAPLAS 2020, please visit www.ChinaplasOnline.com.

    Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to seeing you in CHINAPLAS 2020 in Shanghai.

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